Who we are

Owen Connolly Running (OCR) is an online and personal running coach service that offers adaptive yet structured training that will both develop you as an athlete and help you achieve a great performance.

I believe in helping to guide the athlete through a learning process that achieves results by progressing and developing over time. An athlete centered approach has been proven to deliver a stronger more versatile and confident  runner, with the ability to deal with adverse conditions and tough races more easily.

Be your Best / Achieve your Best

Coaching Philosophy

Our coaching philosophy is  to put the athlete (all runners are athletes) at the centre of of all decisions and plans. This enables us to deliver a program that suits the individual and they're expectations.

"To help the athlete develop and progress safely over time, in order to perform to the best of their ability at their chosen discipline/sport."



The ground you run on doesn't differentiate between ability,     neither should your coach

What the athlete needs

By reading this, you have already made the decision that you want to improve as a runner. Now it's time to take the next step by committing to that decision.

Have a look at the Services page and the coach's bio, if our philosophy suits your ambition then we're a fit for you. We offer 3 basic plans but these can be adjusted to suit your goal and time available



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